Should Mormon Women be Allowed to Wear Thong’s ?

Day 714 ! – In the Hostage Situation of the Murder In Action of Jacob Tate and day 267 of a Sanctioned War  ‘currently  – in Carlsbad, California.’ ! (LOL, we were hit at the Encinitas Library with a Virus on the Page so ‘froze’ the page on DAY 666 so that Calvary Chapel could ‘make a point’. OMG, is it just me ? Calvary Chapel is a CULT !

It’s a Serious Question !

Think About it -

thongs 1

Heck, If I’m a single guy (and I am) and I’m looking at the possibility of a future with someone.

It’s an Issue to Consider – So Please Voice Your Opinion to this Question

And remember, your ‘ THONG Vote ‘ will directly influence the potential ‘rescue’ of Mr. Happy from the biggest Obstruction of Justice in the History of the United States of America for which it used to stand.

Keith Grant


cc; Ms. Kelsi Hottie

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    I VOTE – Yes for Thongs

    Yes for ‘ KELSICARE ‘

    Keith Grant

    cc: Ms. Kelsi Hottie