Some of the Reason’s Benghazi Happened

Day 744 + (*) ! – In the Hostage Situation of the Murder In Action of Jacob Tate and day 285 of a Sanctioned War  ‘currently  – in Carlsbad, California.’ ! Where we are living daily the SAGA of Barrack and Michelle Obama’s ‘Will He Commit Suicide Today’ while the Trial for his Son-In-Law drags on.

* = ‘Corrected time ‘details: So there I was waking last night at 1:45 am and I was wondering ‘why’ I was not being allowed to speak with my Children and Fiancee Kelsi ? SO, I looked at the Calender and started counting back, and remembered I ‘arrived’ in Spokane, Washington at ‘ Union Gospel Mission (aka: Hopeless Gospel Mission) Where they tried to turn me Gay for the White Supremacist’s of Bozeman, Montana. And I remembered I ‘had’ arrived 2-3 weeks ‘before Thanksgiving, 2011′. SO I corrected the Day Count as well.’

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And that’s because it ‘ WILL EFFECT BOTH PARTIES ‘ and that’s why -


Both Parties ‘are’ stalling on Benghazi


Here’s a hit list of some of the ‘reasons’ Benghazi happened 

  • DOE/DOD Contractor’s gone bad in a War Zone
  • Failed Mission to conceal the Source of Information used with IRAN
  • Failed Mission to conceal the Source of Information used with Pakistan
  • Failed Mission to conceal the Source of Information used with Afghanistan
  • Failed Mission to conceal the Source of Information used regarding the search for Osama Bin Laden
  • Failed Mission to conceal the Source of Information used with detonation caps for IED’s
  • Failed Mission to conceal the Source of Information used to Disable the Nuclear Reactors in Iran
  • Failed Mission to conceal the Source’s Son-in-Law’s Name and Location in Afghanistan
  • Local Senator’s and Congressmen in the State of Montana using their Political Power to minimize and neutralize a legitimate small business man who has asked the F.B.I. And the C.I.A. a question ‘they couldn’t answer’
  • Local Senator’s and Congressmen in the State of Montana including the Governor, State Secretary as well Department of Commerce in using their Political Power to try to Hide a Murder in Action which was first reported as a ‘KIA’ (killed in action)
  • Then Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta ‘using’ BAD Information on the Source Gallatin as the ‘driver’ for a plan to minimize his responsibility in the Order which was ‘on hold’ with the C.I.A. And by doing so, eliminate the C.I.A.’s responsibility for consequential damages
  • Illegal Home Entry
  • Illegal Wire Tap
  • Illegal program by the C.I.A. to ‘FUND’ with Funds from the Justice Department of the United States of America the Search for Weapon’s of Mass Destruction for the Committee on Armed Services, Select Committee on Intelligence, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. This was done in a Money Laundering Scheme with My Company Grant Marketing Group and KAGEN’s out of Texas.
  • Incorrect reporting of a Death in a War Zone
  • Incorrect reporting of the Person Keith Grant to his local and extended network of people in Bozeman, Montana, Monterey, Californnia and Encinitas, California as well as Milano, Italy and Plzen, Czech Republic
  • Exposure of the Source Gallatin by Montana State Senator John Tester to John McCain
  • Illegal Research Project by Montana State University by Jerry Gossell to ‘follow’ and monitor a man named Keith Grant to identify his Sexual Preferences because it was reported to the Board of Regents by Jerry Gossel that ‘he is sure he is Gay and coming out’ (OMG)
  • Illegal and False Police Reports made time and time again to the Bozeman, Police Department by Jerry Gossell and the students of Montana State University
  • Listing of Keith Grant on the Sexual Predator’s list in the State of Montana without a Trial or any ‘public hearing’ for Keith Grant and ‘no direct’ person who would testify against Keith Grant on this issue (framed)
  • Listing of Keith Grant on GAY Web Sites by Jerry Gossell and students from Montana State University to ‘enhance’ his motivation to come out as a Gay Man. Which he didn’t because he is not a gay man.
  • Spreading Slander and Lies all over the State of Montana about Keith Grant by Jerry Gossell, Joe Cris and Tony Stiff (all 3 inclusive to all the above statements)
  • Murder in Action of Jacob Tate on January 2nd, 2011 in the Sangin Region of Afghanistan the ‘night’ before his Tour was Over. He was taken out, seperated from his squad, shot in the back, tortured and sat down on an I.E.D. To conceal the torture and marks of torture
  • Payback ‘initiated’ by Jacob Tates father in law via a Delta Force Operator to ‘look into his son-in-law’s death’ as the Delta Force Operator ‘has people in that area who can and will look into it’
  • The Libya Human River Water Project which was and is the largest Flow Monitoring Project ever under taken and was being pursued by Aftrade in LaJolla, California in cooperation and ‘Direction’ of Grant Marketing Group. Who approached Aftrade and ‘signed’ a cooperation agreement with Aftrade to represent Grant Marketing Group in Libya
  • Having seen the Late Ambassador and the 2 Navy Seals (reported as ex-navy seals which there’s no such thing s an ex-navy seal) on my street in Bozeman, Montana as well on Durston in Bozeman, Montana
  • I (Keith Grant) was ‘not at all surprised’ when I recognized their faces as the ones killed in the Libyan Embassy Attack. AS I ‘had seen them before’ and am SURE they knew of my company and involvement with the C.I.A. and the Libyan Human Water Project

And all I wanted to do is take her to lunch -

Now, I’ve got an Italian Hottie named Kelsi who’s my fiancee and ‘we’ are being held hostage from each other while they have killed my company’s web site.


And my original site:

New Contact E-Mail for Grant Marketing Group:

‘Welcome’ to the C.I.A.

Keith Grant


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