The United States Marine Corps ‘Does Not Support’ Interracial Marriage – UPDATED + NEW’s Release !

Day 770 + (*) ! – In the Hostage Situation of the Murder In Action of Jacob Tate and day 311 of a Sanctioned War  ‘currently  – in Carlsbad, California.’ ! Where we are living daily the SAGA of Barrack and Michelle Obama’s ‘Will He Commit Suicide Today’ while the Trial for his Son-In-Law drags on ‘PROGRAM’.


* = ‘Corrected time ‘details: So there I was waking last night at 1:45 am and I was wondering ‘why’ I was not being allowed to speak with my Children and Fiancee Kelsi ? SO, I looked at the Calender and started counting back, and remembered I ‘arrived’ in Spokane, Washington at ‘ Union Gospel Mission (aka: Hopeless Gospel Mission) Where they tried to turn me Gay for the White Supremacist’s of Bozeman, Montana. And I remembered I ‘had’ arrived 2-3 weeks ‘before Thanksgiving, 2011′. SO I corrected the Day Count as well.’


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 Jacob & Amy Leaving 2009

Who’d a Thought ? See above


12/06/12    NEWS RELEASE Intended for Marines concerned about Jacob Tate’s Trial Delay

Wow, it all becomes clear many, many years ‘after the fact’ of what happened to contribute to Jacob’s Murder in Action. Below I will provide a ‘brief synopsis’ of Today’s Events and a short history:

History: Many years ago (1977) I was a troubled youth like many other kids and turned my life around with the help of the man upstairs. But ‘before all that happened’:

I was at a party and a friend of mine walked around the corner on Neptune Ave. in Encinitas, California. He had been jumped from behind by ’2′ guy’s, one of them was Dwight Clark who would later play for the San Francisco 49er’s. He was knocked into a Mail Box and one of his eye’s had been knocked out and was hanging down close to his mouth. He asked for help.

I noticed ’2′ guy’s leaving the parking lot in a Van and we gave chase. Later they pulled over and we chased them around and asked why they left the party and why they did that to our friend. One of them took a swing at me and his name is Dwight Clark, I hit him 3 times in the head with my Nune Chucks. I popped him in the head and he took off towards the Rail Road Tracks and picked up a broken bottle of Wine which was a Gallon jug. We fought for a moment and he ran across the street. That was 19 77.

Well, later I was playing football at Mira Costa College and had made the team. I woke up with a torsioned testicle. Trust me, if you never had one you had a good life. I went to the Hospital and they told me I needed surgery ‘again’ (long story). SO since it was my 5th Surgery, I told them to fix it right this time ‘or’ the next time I have trouble with my nuts, I’ll kill them and you. SO guess what ? They put ’3′ Stainless Steel pin’s in each testicle. Later I left the Team because I knew it would take several months to recover. And ‘they’ the Miracosta Football team needed a full roster of players. I left and guess who came on the team ? You guessed it, Dwight Clark. And by the way, his father was a partner in a Medical Practice called Cook & Clark Clinic in Encinitas. Dr. Cook was my Doctor and I sometimes saw Dr. Clark too.

Well – Going Forward

Many years pass and I’m in Montana and have 3 kids which ‘later’ I find out is supposed to be a Miracle as Surgeon for the last Surgery was ‘trying’ to make me sterile.

Anyways, I’m sitting at home one day and I get a phone call from my son and he say’s some guy my age is following him in Big Sky, Montana. Well, my older son had gotten in a fight with Dwight Clark’s son. This is over 25 + years since the above incident in my youth. SO my son says; ‘ hey Dad, I’ve got this guy following me around who’s kinda your age and he’s pretty Tripy. SO I say; ‘ what’s he doing ‘ and ‘ He says’ he’s standing right here ‘

So I say to my son; ‘ Put him on the phone ‘ and he does; So ‘the voice’ at the other end of the phone say’s ‘is this your son he being …… ‘ And I cut him off and I tell him; ‘ Look I don’t know who you are and I don’t give a Damn either, leave my son alone or I’ll come to Big Sky and kick your ass. You get to play with me instead of him. ‘

SO – IN Bozeman, Montana. Dwight Clark owns the AUDI Dealership and he’s a pretty affluent man in Bozeman. But what I didn’t know is, Lili was an Love Interest of Dwight Clark in Bozeman. Seriously, I never knew that and who the hell would care if Lili was a love interest of Dwight Clark’s ? Really, I don’t. And I thought Lili is a hotter then shit and wanted to take ‘her to lunch’.

So guess what Marines ?

For the last 758 Day’s I’ve had the NFL following me around all because of Dwight Clark and the San Francisco 49er’s Attorney: Nancy Pelosi

And Dwight Clark’s father who was one of the partners I used to see as a youth has ‘just been charged’ for Malpractice at around 90 years old. Because the legend is, when they were doing surgery on me as a young man. He was so mad that I beat up his son that he was going to come in and try to kill me in surgery. Over 30 years ago

SO in closing Marines – Part of the reason for this delay is the Legal Team of the San Francisco 49er’s who is representing Dwight Clark. Who’s been after me ‘since’ I kicked his ass for Knocking my friends eye out at a party. His eye got put back in but he has some vision damage from it.

SO the strategy and efforts which continue today ‘are’ part and partial to Dwight Clark, the Legal Team from the San Francisco 49er’s and the owner of the San Francisco 49er’s and Eddie DeBartolo who’s protecting his ‘investment’ in Dwight Clark.

And that’s why I say; ‘ Once you go Silver & Black, you never go back ‘

The above is the facts of this day, Day 758

Keith Grant


cc: Ms. Kelsi Hottie, Amy Tate, JAX TATE, Colten Grant, Dillon Grant, Raider Nation


NBC News Notice: NBC Brian Williams 120513

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The United States Marine Corps ‘Does Not Support’ Interracial Marriage






It’s the TRUTH



They Don’t and if they did they would not allow a Trial to go 756 Days without ‘The Man’ who said:



” That’s not how my Son-In-Law died, they took him out and Murdered Him the night before he was to return home from Afghanistan after a full tour. And I know because I was working for the FBI & CIA at the time. “



Nope, the United States Marine Corp’s ‘Does Not’ Support Interracial Marriage.



It’s that simple



Consider some of what I saw/heard ‘just today’:



  • Someone has ‘hacked’ into Interpol and their listening to you at:

  • Standard Oil

  • San Diego State

  • FBI Helena

  • FBI Salt Lake

  • Nancy Pelosi; ‘ No wonder he thinks they are trying to turn him gay after a Black Man exposes himself on El Camino Real in Carlsbad across from the Library where I am at.

  • You are worth $ XXXX’10th because of the Stock Certificate in your mothers trunk and Standard Oil doesn’t want you to have it. (my Grandfather Carl Keith was one of the original investors in Signal Hill in Los Angles, California)

  • Scott Stanley murdered Tom Donley (ex-boss) in self defense because he was going to kill you because LeAnn Donley was going to leave him and have an affair with you.

  • Which (the above) is ‘Absolute Bullshit’ because Tom Donley was a close friend and so was LeAnn and I ‘would never’ have cheated on him with his wife. And Tom Donley is ‘The Man’ who caused Operation Linebacker (fyi).

  • So my response to the above; ‘ Tell Scott Stanley’s lawyer I will kill him/her for even thinking of listing such a defense on his behalf. Don’t disrespect Tom, LeAnn, their family with that line of Bull Shit.’

  • UPDATED LATE LAST NIGHT: ‘Get this, on the way home (LaPasuda) I make the comment – ‘Barrack Obama would screw his own daughters and sell them to the enemy of the USA to suppress this story. WELL Guess What, I see Michelle Obama drive by crying saying; ‘ He already has and that’s why I moved out of Washington and we are getting a divorce. And another car drives by and says; ‘ Barrack Obama is a Pedophile ‘ and that’s why he was trying to frame you and your son in some way. To suppress this story. Well, guess what ? Either way I am seeing and hearing the above and ‘still’ unable to speak with my children and fiancee Kelsi.



And it continues as I am typing this POST



Yep Marines it is more important for the United States Marine Corp’s to support GAY Pride then -



To Support ‘The Families’ of an Interracial Married Man/Woman during the Trial for his/her’s Murder.



Hell, the fucking Gay’s have had a ‘Hay Day’ during this Debacle of a Trail and that is ‘exactly why’ many days ago I listed the ‘Top 20 Reason’s’ they don’t want this to come to a Public Trial.



YEP I’m telling you the TRUTH. If you are in an Inter-racially Married situation and in the U.S. Marine Corps – You Are Fucked



If the White Supremacists decide to go after you -



The Marines will Walk Away and let them have their way with your family. IN fact, both families.



So ‘don’t believe for one minute’ that song and dance they show you in the T.V. Ad’s and the recruiting posters about ‘being a Marine.






The Biggest Mistakes my Son-In-Law who I Loved like a Son made are:



  • Marrying into a White Family ‘who loved him’ as a Son after meeting my daughter at a Church Camp

  • Joining the Marine Corps and ‘believing’ that they would ‘Never Leave Him’

  • Ironically he told my daughter that one of the reason’s he joined the Marines ‘was’ because he believed they would ‘be there for him’ and he didn’t feel that support at home.

  • Reporting ‘his commander’ for Homosexually Raping his friend who committed Suicide after returning back home from Iraq on a previous tour – to the Marine M.P.’s. And then – Not accepting their offer for him to change units after reporting his Commander.

  • Going on ‘One Last Mission’ after being ‘hand selected’ by his commander the Night Before he was to return home from Afghanistan after a full tour.



Yep – Beware Marine if you are in a Inter-Racially Married Family = You Are a Target



WORD from the Father of the Daughter that was Married to my Son-In-Law who was a Black Man.



SO get your Home Boys together and ‘hang tough’ through Thick and Thin !



Because if Someone Murders You and they are White Supremacists



The Marine Corps of the United States of America Will – Walk Away



And not support either family



I have 756 Days and 756 Reasons to Support the Above Allegations



And they are ‘absolutely true’



Keith Grant






cc: Ms. Kelsi Hottie, My Daughter, JAX TATE, Colten, Dillon, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS

Here’s the Download: The United States Marines ‘Do Not Support’ Interracial Marriage – Updated 120513

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    Afternoon Update After Walk Home:

    Forgot to add this earlier:

    - Dave McKean of the FBI’s Name is Gallatin ‘so’ when I started working for him. He had me sign all the paper work that I received the Stipen’s as ‘Gallatin’ which was ‘his
    code name.

    Then: He told me to just call in to the FBI ‘if’ I’m in trouble and say that Gallatin needs help. SO when Kelsi or Amy did that recently, they called Him and he said
    ‘everything is ok’. ‘ WOW ‘


    And, when I was in Bozeman last time before leaving I was originally working at the Poorhouse and it was cool until the ‘knife incident’ in the Kitchen. ‘However’

    When I first got there, I was inside the Bar and having a few drinks with some ‘so called’ friends. Matt Salsky and ‘Should of never listened to Michael’.


    While I was in there, MATT TARPY was in the office forcing Kelsi’s Mom to give him Oral Sex in the office ‘or’ her would Kill Me when I went outside ‘or’ was sleeping in the
    Park later that evening, for Adam Tarpy. Kelsi was outside Crying in
    her Car and her Step Dad (?) was out of town.

    All Tarpy’s Die


    And on the way in I ‘discover’ that ‘everyone’ at Montana State ‘thought’ I was in a Movie ‘about’ a Fallen Pastor finding his calling ‘or’ a Straight Man who was turning
    Gay. (lol)

    At least, that’s the latest Spin from
    the Missouri River Task Force about the Piece of Paper I signed in
    the FBI Office.

    And, I just saw Jim Plunket driving with Howe Long saying Matt Salskey was guarding you in Bozeman but now that you’ve identified the Tarpy’s as turning in the Mexican
    Mafia he and Adam are on the way to Kill you too.

    All Tarpies die, Jim Plunket and Howe Long are now considered ‘enemy’s of my state’ no matter where I live.

    Because, I ‘still’ remember seeing Jim Plunket ‘blocking’ cars in my Drive way when Lili or Kristie &Kelsi was trying to get to my front door. And I saw him say; ‘ I
    can’t let you in there, he’s Gay ‘

    And I’m not Gay

    And last but not least, I saw SkipGoddell, Glen Callahan & Todd Hobrichet ‘or Brue Proctor (lookthe same) in the same car showing the ‘Sum of All Fears of Drama’.
    Todd Hobrichet & Bruce Proctor ‘were’ in Spokane when I was
    there, and they would come in and look at me. And I ignored them. OMG

    And last but not least Rigina Rugg is driving by me showing her pussy and tit’s in the back seat of a carwith 2 people in the front seat. And one of them ‘was’ the Doctor
    from the series House and the women in the front seat was laughing
    and she hangs out at the Running Iron Bar in Carmel Valley and has
    Black Hair.

    The Star of the Series ‘House’ should Die, the Doctor.

    Here’s why; when I was heading southand hit Hopeless Gospel in Pasco (code name). He came in and wassleeping there as well as following me around. When I took a bus
    south, he was following me all the way to Carlsbad, California and
    had Lili Stiff in his car. As I got to Los Angles, both his car and
    another car that had Suzanne McGary in it ‘met’ the bus I was in as I
    was heading South and ‘both car’s', Suzanne’s and Lili’s at the same
    time the women Waved at me. As I was heading South on a Bus to
    Southern California, the first time. Unbelievable.

    And that was well over 500 days ago and
    THAT ACTOR from ‘HOUSE’ the Doctor and Lili arranged the entire mess
    to evidently. ‘Shield Me’ from the ‘wrath of the Tarpy’s’.

    WELL: The Tarpy’s, The Main Actor of the Series House, Lili Stiff & Suzzane McGary are ‘still at it’

    Even Today, and it’s not funny

    Is it just me ?

    Everybody Dies

    And all I did was walk down the street
    and get a few Rolled Taco’s.

    Keith Grant


    cc: Ms. Kelsi Hottie, Mrs. Happy, Grant Kids, FBI MAJOR CRIME UNIT