The Orders’ – 2 8/16/12 ‘

That tried to ‘end all orders’ and not because of who placed the orders ! …………… ‘What’ ?

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Continued, Didn’t want to leave you hanging so to speak……………. !

So ‘another’ order came in and it was something I worked on for some time. Several discussions ‘directly’ with the customer in Iran…….. All the time, keeping the F.B.I. aware of what was going on. The ‘application’ required an Inconel Material on several components which were considered ‘wetted’ parts.

This mean’s an ‘exotic material’ was to be used on the Flange Interface to the Process Media (fluid) and within the Product itself. Areas would also be required to be made out of this material so when the media or if it was in a vapor state would not corrode the functioning material within the Product itself ……. in other ‘words’ it was a ‘special design’

Did everybody get that ………. ? ……. I did and some of the others out their reading this as well.

So, any ways I was ‘asked’ to prepare material describing the product and potential ‘dual use’ if any. This was a ‘typical request’ and nothing out of the ordinary. So I began the research and it is obvious to some that Inconel is a preferred material on the ‘Hot Side’ of a Reactor. At the same time, on a Cat Cracker and Blender within a Refinery, it is also a preferred material.

The ‘customer’ told me it was to be used on ‘offshore platforms’ so I accepted that and put that in the information as well. In short, it was a 50/50 potential at best if your looking at the ‘down side’ to be used on a ‘dual use’. ………. got it ?

However, I wanted to (again) cover ‘my ass, Spriano’s ass and the customer ass’ ….. lol

  • That was/is the intention……… and always has been.

However the ‘spec’ was generated out of Iran and I knew that from working with the customer. I told the F.B.I. That in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of this process. Several times in fact.

Oooops, something I forgot to mention……….. The order came in from a company in either ( I don’t have the information with me) Abu Dhabi or UAE …………. an expediting company. But I knew the ‘spec’ came out Iran……………….that’s not unusual business in ‘Any Country’ including the United States.

So my question was, “ If you know the ‘ultimate end destination ‘could’ be Iran and the order is placed outside of the country of Iran. Can I proceed with the Order ??? “What a conundrum began when I asked that.

  • The initial response was; ‘ If you can’t really see the order is coming from Iran, then it shouldn’t be a problem ……. But let me look into it and I’ll get back to you.’

Ok, I thought should be a week or two I figured ……………….. ‘wrong’ …………….

Some of the Answers I Received:

  • Were trying to find someone to look at it
  • I have forwarded it to my boss to move up the ladder
  • Somebody’s looking at it in Washington
  • There’s going to be a meeting on it and I’ll let you know
  • Haven’t got an answer as of yet…… will call you when I do
  • 3 months later
  • I’m being transferred to Salt Lake for another assignment, I will be bringing a new person over to meet with you and take over for me
  • Also, I have a meeting with some people from the C.I.A. Set up who want to talk with you about it
  • Lets meet at Teds and we will get together
  • The F.B.I. can’t come up with an answer so the C.I.A. Is going to take it over and try to get an answer
  • 5 month’s later
  • Some people in Langley are looking at it and I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear something
  • 6 months later
  • I have some people I would like you to meet and also discuss this order
  • Amy (daughter): ‘ hi Dad, well Jacob’s getting ready to come back I’m so excited. He has one last mission and he doesn’t have a good feeling about it. He was ‘hand picked by his commander for the mission. so keep him in your prayers.’ I will Amy, love ya bye…..
  • 7 months later
  • Amy (screaming): “ DAD, DAD …………. THEY KILLED JACOB, THEY KILLED JACOB….. OH MY GOD……………..OH MY GOD…………..’crying’…………….
  • 8 months later
  • I am sorry to hear about your son in law……………….. sincerely
  • 9 months later
  • “ Well, if the order doesn’t show ‘clearly’ that it is going to Iran I guess it’s OK for you to proceed ”……….

Wow, so there I am ’9′ month’s later with a ‘decision’ such as the above and the customer is screaming for a refund and I don’t have it. Why,……………….. because during those 9 months everything on my “What happened to me in Bozeman” was happening….. AND More……………. which I will detail in another post…………… trust me; “ It was bad ”. So I asked the Customer to confirm with his customer that the order could proceed (still wanted it) because it still had a 4 month manufacturing time, minimum !

Further, I have had a ‘Top Secret’ Clearance for some time…………… many years. Didn’t tell anyone because it’s ‘top secret’ ……. lol………….. However, when you have that level of clearance ‘you’ aka ‘me’ are already in a ‘cover up’. So if incompetence occurs, it’s already going to be ‘covered up’…. think about it.

here’s the download:  ‘The Order’s’ 2